We are highly trained in the area of spine treatment; one of our physical therapists holds a credential in “Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine”; and he is the only PT with this credential on the Central Coast. We treat spinal sprains, disk pathology, post-operative conditions, scoliosis, deconditioning syndromes, and auto, industrial, and sports injuries.

• McKenzie assessment and treatment protocols

• Lumbar stabilization exercises and re-training programs, including Swiss-ball activities and exercises

• Manual therapy including joint mobilization, traction, and exercise

• Spine care education, including Back Care Classes available in English or Spanish

• Industrial rehabilitation including work task-specific functional training

• Athletic rehabilitation and sport-specific exercise protocols

• Full line of rehabilitation and conditioning equipment including: free weights and pulley systems, leg-press machines, and aerobic exercise equipment

• Full line of modalities as needed, including: ultrasound, ice/heat, TENS, interferential electric stimulation

We focus on training our spine patients in independent care and treatment, as well as how to prevent future episodes.


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