We have extensive experience and expertise in the rehabilitation of many types of shoulder problems, including: impingement syndromes, arthritis, rotator cuff tendinitis or repair, athletic throwing injuries, fractures, instability/repairs, adhesive capsulitis, and more.

• Shoulder girdle strengthening and stabilization protocols

• Rotator cuff rehabilitation programs, from early mobility through functional rehab and strengthening

• Joint mobilization and stretching for regaining motion in “Frozen Shoulders”

• Athletic rehabilitation for active shoulders including throwing and tennis injuries

• Pain relief and functional rehab for arthritic shoulders

• Full line of upper extremity exercise equipment, including: free weights, bench press, rowing, lat pull, Swiss ball, throwing progression implements, pulley systems, forearm rollers, etc.

• Full modalities, including: ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, ice/heat

Our focus is on correcting muscle imbalances and mechanical abnormalities, which are at the root of shoulder dysfunctions, in order to achieve long-term results.


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