We are qualified and prepared to offer progressive treatment programs for acute ligament or meniscus injuries, contusions, patellofemoral dysfunction, arthritis, post-operative conditions, post joint replacement, muscle strains, sports injuries, industrial injuries, ACL reconstruction, and more.

• Closed chain rehabilitation programs

• McConnell patellofemoral taping and neuromuscular re-education protocols

• Progressive weight-bearing gait training/exercise programs utilizing the “PNEUWEIGHT Unweighted Exercise System”

• PNF functional LE stretching and strengthening procedures

• Work reconditioning and task-specific functional training

• Athletic rehabilitation, sport-specific progression to activity, and brace fitting

• Full line of exercise equipment, including: exercise bikes, leg-press machines, plyometric trainers, elliptical trainers, aerobic step machines, treadmills, weight training equipment, and exercise balls

• Full line of modalities as needed, including: ice/heat, ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, neuromuscular stimulation, etc.

We offer a free session of pre-operative exercise instruction and gait training by appointment.


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